There are various reasons why an app cannot be downloaded or updated.


1. The data storage of your device is full. Check the settings of your device to see if there is enough storage left. If necessary, remove apps or files to free up space.


2. The memory of your device is full. Go to the settings of your device or restart it to clear the memory.


3. Your device or operating system is too old. Each of our games has its own minimum requirements. These vary depending on the device type and OS (operating system) version. You can check the respective App Store entry to see which version is required to install the app.

If your device does not meet these requirements, update your OS. If that is not possible, the only solution is to use a device of a newer generation.


Please note that during the development process, the minimum requirements of an app may be adjusted. This can result in an app that previously worked without problems on a device no longer being supported after an update.


4. The respective app store experiences a malfunction. In this case, we cannot help directly. Instead, you would need to contact the support of your store provider and ask them for help.


5. An update is faulty. This is extremely rare and we are often unable to reproduce it. If you have exhausted all other possibilities and still cannot install or update the game, please send us a message via email to or directly here via the contact form.