There are various reasons why an app crashes or exhibits other unwanted behavior. Before contacting support, please try the following options to fix the problem:


- Close the app and remove it from the background storage. Then restart it.

- Restart your device

- Uninstall and reinstall the app


When you reinstall, you will be assigned a new online user account. If you want to keep your old player account, note down your username and password so you can log in later.

If the game doesn't work properly despite all your attempts, please send us a message via e-mail to or directly here via the contact form. Provide the following information, if available:


- Title of the game/app

- Game version (update version)

- Device and operating system (e.g., Android, iOS) you use to play the game

- Brief description of the situation, e.g. does the problem occur at a certain point? How is the problem displayed? For example, does only the running game shut down and you end up back in the menu, or does the whole app shut down?

- Screenshot (if relevant)