The following options are available to earn coins for Mondoku: 

1. For free

Permanent Exhibitions: You can earn up to five coins by solving the first puzzle of each room on a floor.

Temporary Exhibitions: Daily challenges will award you up to five coins for every puzzle solved in this category.


Each puzzle awards coins depending on the mistakes you make (5 coins for 0/1 mistake, 4 for 2/3, 3 for 4/5, 2 for 6/7, 1 for 8/9, 0 for 10 and more).

If you redeem coins to unlock a puzzle, you can still earn up to five coins by solving it.

Bonus: You can collect the daily bonus of 10 coins every 12 hours on the main screen. You receive a bonus when you complete a gallery, and an additional one when you achieve a perfect score in all 20 levels.

Rewarded ad videos: You can earn extra coins by watching ads. Puzzles in the Temporary Exhibitions category that can be unlocked by watching ads can be recognized by the play button next to the lock icon. Please note that the ads are delivered through a partner network over which we have no control. Therefore, you may sometimes not be able to watch ads and collect coins.

You can also earn 15 coins for watching ads through the gift shop. It can be accessed via the coin icon in the upper right corner of the menu screen.

2. Paid

Shop: If you want to get as many coins as quickly as possible, you can buy coin bundles in the gift shop.