At the beginning of the game each player is dealt six cards and an additional card is placed on the discard pile. The remaining cards form the stock. The number of the dealt cards changes depending on the number of players or can be individually adjusted in the settings. The game is played clockwise and the first card on the discard pile counts as the first card played by the dealer.

Each player in turn must either play a card or draw a card from the stock. The placed card must match the last card on the discard pile either in rank (7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace) or suit (Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, Clubs). A wish card may be placed on any other card regardless of rank or suit and the player may nominate the suit that has to be played next.

If a player cannot place a legal card on the discard pile, they must draw a card from the stock. If the rules allow them to place after drawing a card and they are still unable to do so, they miss one turn.

If there are no cards left in the stock, the discard pile – except for the uppermost card – is shuffled and becomes the stock again.

Special Cards

  • Wish Card: When this card is played, the player may nominate the suit that has to be played next.
  • Lose Turn Card: When this card is played, the next player misses one turn.
  • Draw Two Card: When this card is played, the next player has to draw two cards. They can also counter the card by placing their own draw two card on top which leads to the player after the next having to draw four cards. The move may also be continued until there are no draw two cards left. The last player will have to collect the sum of all cards.
  • Change Direction Card: When this card is played the direction of the game changes and it is the previous player’s turn again.

By default, the 7 is the "Draw Two" card, the 8 is the "Lose Turn" card, the 9 is the "Change Direction" card and the Jack ist the wish card. This card configuration as well as other options such as Use Joker or Wish on Wish can be changed in the settings (gearwheel).

End of the Game and Card Values

When a player has only one card left in hand, they have to announce it to the other players by saying “Mau” or they are not allowed to put down their last card. The player who finishes the game with “Mau Mau” receives the sum of the other players card values as winning points.

The game ends when a player reaches the victory score. The score is set to 250 points by default, but can be customized in the settings.

The value of a number card is its respective number, face cards count 10 points while the ace counts 11 points. The preset wish card counts 50 points.

You can download our mobile version of Crazy 8s here: Crazy Eights by LITE Games