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We operate Facebook pages (for example as information channels for our users. If you are logged in to Facebook, Facebook will of course also receive information about your behavior on those “our” pages. If you do not want this, please don’t visit our pages and especially do not “follow” or “liken” our pages!

We do not receive any personal data from Facebook about the behaviour of individual users on our pages – we only receive aggregated statistics. For example, we can see what news article has received particular interest or whether users from a particular country are more interested in a game than others. 

We also do not have accurate information about whether and what information Facebook actually collects about individual users on our pages. If you would like more information, please visit the  Privacy Policy  of Facebook or contact Facebook directly.  Here  you can also read how to get insight into your information stored by Facebook. In case of doubt you should not even visit our (or any) Facebook pages or at least use an “anonymous” browser like “Tor” (


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