YatzyBlitz is a fast-paced dice game with a round-based knockout system. You play simultaneously against 11 opponents for the victory.

A game consists of 3 rounds. In each round you have 60 seconds to complete the 5 categories and earn points. If you manage to stay under 60 seconds, you get the remaining seconds as a "BlitzBonus".

You can use up to 3 rolls for each attempt to roll a perfect combination. After the first two rolls, you can lock individual dice to save their score for the next roll. After the third roll, you have to choose a category regardless of the result – in the worst case you have to choose 0 points in a category to be able to continue playing.

After the 1st and 2nd round 4 players will be eliminated. For each round you get 1 rank point. The winner of the game receives 3 additional ranking points.