Goal of the Game

In order to win, reveal all the safe squares on the board without exploding a mine. For a bigger challenge try to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible and beat record times.

How to Play
Tap on any unrevealed square to start the game. The timer starts once the first square has been revealed.

Numbers on the squares indicate the number of surrounding mines (this includes all 8 squares surrounding it in a 3×3 grid). Based on these numbers and how their 3×3 grids overlap, you can identify or suspect under which squares mines are hidden.

Place a flag by touching the square longer (Standard Mode) to mark it as dangerous. Reveal all safe squares without mines to win the game.


If you reveal a mine the game ends. Should this happen, you can revive by paying 10 Rubies.

This cost will double each time you revive in one game – it will reset once you start a new game. Reviving adds a 5 second penalty to your timer.


You can use hints while playing to instantly mark one random mine on the playing field. This will add a 5 second penalty to your timer.

Protective Vest

At any time you can activate one of your protective vests (which is consumed in the process) to protect yourself from a mine you might accidentally reveal. If the vest protects you from a mine, the mine will be marked automatically and a 5 second penalty is added to your timer.

You can download our mobile version of Minesweeper.World here: Minesweeper.World by LITE Games